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  1. Can you provide the same maintenance services as the dealers do?
    Yes, we offer thorough comprehensive services. Expect the same quality at more affordable rates.

  2. How often should I change my oil?
    Conventional oil changes are typically due at 3,000 miles, while full synthetic oil changes can last up to 7,000 miles. Be sure to check your oil level occasionally between oil changes to ensure adequate oil level.

  3. Can I save money by extending that interval?
    No. Checking fluid levels & changing at recommended intervals is the BEST investment you can make in reducing potentially major costly repairs to your car or truck. Correct & clean fluid levels are vital.

  4. Will it hurt my engine if the check engine light is on?
    Possibly, but not likely however, you do need to get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible. Ignoring your check engine light could severely damage engine components and cost you more money in the end.

    You may see a decrease in fuel mileage as well. We have advanced scan tools to diagnose your car. We can help you keep your vehicle operating efficiently & reliably.

  5. What kind of cars do you repair?
    Shipman Auto Repair is a complete automotive repair center that provides ASE certified service for domestic cars and trucks. We specialize in Cadillac & GM automobiles.

  6. Why should we bring our car to you?
    We are a family owned business that offers comprehensive dealer quality auto repair services at more affordable rates. Get to know your mechanic, not the service lane assistant’s voice mail.

  7. Where are you located?
    345 –A Blanding Blvd
    3 ½ miles South of I 295 just 1 ½ blocks North of Kingsley Ave & Blanding Blvd.
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